Organisations hire me to support the strategic development and evaluation of their work. I do this through evaluation, data and learning services.

I have fifteen years’ experience in research and consultancy for national & local government, charitable foundations, service delivery charities & social enterprises, think tanks and others.

I value collaborative working between disciplines, with statisticians, economists, designers and others; and aim for work to be rigorous, engaging and useful. I am experienced in leading teams and rapidly assimilating to new groups as a working member.

More information on my qualifications and experience can be found here. Or you might be interested in my blog, which shares my learning on data analytics, big data and evaluation.


17. Methodological Playgrounds

I first heard the term methodological playground in 2014, from Institute for Education’s Professor Carey Jewitt. She was talking about her work with digital artists

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14. Where R we going?

An upsurge in paid work meant professional development took a back seat for a while. In this post I talk about finding a realistic way

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